Coffee Shop Hop: Faebrew

If you’re looking for a unique coffee experience, we definitely recommend checking out Faebrew (4328 No. 3 Rd #140, Richmond, BC).

coffee shop hop faebrew cup 1

Eli and I were treated to a lesson in the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee from owner and operator, Vincent.

coffee shop hop faebrew vincent 1

Coffee skeptic

As a non-coffee drinker myself, Vincent had to convinced me to try something outside the box. When he found out that I was more of a tea drinker, he brewed both tea leaves and coffee beans together into one drink. I remained skeptical even though the aroma of the blended leaves and beans was incredible.

coffee shop hop faebrew coffee

I always thought black coffee was too bitter to enjoy. In the rare instances that I purchased a caffeinated beverage, they were typically masked by a ton of sugar and whipped cream. But I decided to give black coffee another shot. Especially since this time, the coffee was being brewed by hand, which was something I had never seen done before.

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I hate to admit it but after tentatively taking the first sip of my personalized brew, I was converted. There was the distinctive taste of the beans but it was under cut by the floral notes of the tea. If you’re a tea addict and want a gateway coffee, I highly recommend a drink like this.

No two cups

What’s incredibly special about Faebrew is that Vincent gets to know you, the customer, first and from your conversation, creates a unique drink specifically for you on the spot. No two cups are the same. Coincidentally, no two mugs are the same either.

coffee shop hop faebrew cup 2

Supporting local

We were first contacted by Jimmy about a potential opportunity to showcase our Snugs at Faebrew. As their business grew, Jimmy and Vincent wanted to use their coffee bar as a way to support other local businesses. And the more we talked to them, the more we wanted to be a part of Faebrew.

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Be sure to check out Faebrew’s story in their own words @

A big thank you to both Vincent and Jimmy for welcoming us into their world of coffee.

With love,