Onana – the origin story

Why a pineapple you ask? It all started as a nickname given to her by her littlest brother. As a tot, he had trouble pronouncing ‘Eleanor’ and so he called his big sis ‘Onana’. And one day, their French au pair at the time, turned to Eli and asked, “Why is your brother calling you a pineapple?”

Meet the gals!


Learning her knitting superpowers from her mum, Eli studied Biomedical Engineering and Communications. When she’s not knitting, you can find her belting out show tunes, finding the best bubble tea places around town and dreaming big. Really big 😉



rach-icon Rach

Rach is a five foot nothing, forever twenty something, tea addicted, musical nerd. While bitten by the travel bug, she loves calling Vancouver home. When she is not traipsing around the world, she is twirling on the dance floor.