I’m incredibly proud of our little slice of knitted heaven and even after all these years I’m still completely in awe of what my business partner can do with essentially two sticks and some string.

onana life creating penguins knitting

It’s a running joke that although I’m one half of a knitting company, I tell people I have “two left hands”. My knitting skills are elementary at best, but you should watch Eli in action. It’s oddly hypnotic. She can’t tell you how exactly how long it takes her to complete a project, except in Netflix episode lengths. That’s her go to measuring metric. “Those took an entire season of Sherlock.” That was a legitimate quote from her, verbatim.

onana life creating sherlock tea

And she can knit anywhere, on any mode of transportation (I have yet to see her knit on a motorbike but I’m sure she could), beach-side, coffee shops, outside on the curb in front of a hardware store, even in the middle of the street.

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That’s the Knitting Fairy in a nutshell. A little yarn + a season of Sherlock + a lot of love = every product we sell in our little shop.

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