It’s all about socks

We sit in a car, side by side, on our way to our Pinterest dream home (read: Ikea). Because that is what people do on weeknights when it’s moving season and you want to avoid the crazy Saturday crowds. 

Let’s rewind for a moment. I first met Leah about a year ago. After witnessing my enthusiasm for knitting, she took one lesson from me (JUST the one) and *BAM* – the next thing I knew, this talented girl was out to make a sock. I waited years to make a sock, thinking it was too hard. But with the right teacher – shout out to Laura and those beloved Starbucks knitting sessions – I overcame that. And here I was, passing the sock love over. It was a thrill.

Since then, she has been my knitting partner – someone I could rely on who would drool over hand-dyed merino wool with me. And it was no surprise, our car conversation turned to knitting.

If you must fidget, do so productively

E: You picked up knitting so fast – was I your first teacher?

L: Actually, I learnt from a neighbor who was a family friend. I was 8.

E: WHAT?! Me too! I learnt when I was 8!

L: WHAT?! No way! [maniacal laughter]

L: It was really bad – like all crooked and stuff.

E: Me too!

L: And I didn’t stick to it for very long.

E: Me too!

L: Maybe 8 weeks?

E: Oh WOW, I think I did it for, like, 8 hours*

E: When I showed you how to knit again, what were your first thoughts?

L: I forgot how awkward it was to hold! But it was kind of exciting. Especially when we got to the socks

E: Yes! I know exactly what you mean. What do you love about knitting?

L: It’s therapy. You also end up feeling so productive because you are making something that’s practical. It’s like building something, which I love doing.** And sometimes, I can be really fidgety. So knitting helps me fidget productively.

E: That should be a slogan. Knitting – Fidget productively.

L: Ah, ha, yes. What is the most random thing you’ve ever made?

E: Well, once, I was asked to knit a cozy – for a dog’s tail. Because, apparently, dog tail chills are a thing.

L: And did you?

E: I would have if she had sent me the measurements!

* Sad truth – at least I gave knitting a second chance 😉
** Good thing we were going to Ikea

It amazes me how knitting can knit people together and make true friends (Oh gosh, terrrrrrrrrrible pun alert. I had to. I’m sorry, not sorry). I think some of my best conversations are over the clicking of my needles. If you have been thinking about diving into the wonderful world of knitting, I say, go for it! Let us know how it goes and feel free to purl us any questions (Oye the puns)! It would be our pleasure to help a fellow enthusiast out.

With love,

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